Project Goals

Our primary goals include the following:

  • Identifying broadband assets in the region
  • Creating incentives for telecommunications carriers and others to invest
  • Establishing an ongoing central database of broadband resources to support broadband investment and economic development


We have received three grants from the California Advanced Services Fund (CASF) to support broadband adoption initiatives and infrastructure projects throughout Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties. Current grants will support our work until 2022.


The project launched in 2012 with an inventory of conduit and fiber routes in the region. The objective was to identify opportunities to connect and expand the use of existing networks, and present telecoms carriers with ready made solutions to existing connectivity challenges.


The policy work entails reviewing ordinances and existing broadband-related policies throughout the three-county area. The initial information was collected in 2012, benchmarks are being established and model polices are being drafted.


In the second and third years, the inventory and model policy drafts were packaged and presented to local agencies and collected into an accessible and sustainable database. Economic development and technical experts drawn from the region periodically review the project’s progress and provide guidance for the ongoing work.


We are currently focusing our attention on supporting upcoming CASF infrastructure applications throughout the region and assisting applicants with their projects. We partner with all the regional ISPs who are seeking to expand their coverage as well as agencies that can enable more access to conduit for fiber. Our regional goal is 100% broadband coverage at 100 Mbps download / 25 Mbps upload. For more information read our Broadband White Paper.